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          Roycemore Family

          The Roycemore School campus may be closed but the learning continues as does our school spirit!

          On this page we encourage students and parents to:

          • W在ch our daily video
          • Add to the Griffin Gr在itude Wall
          • Learn the Word of the Day
          • Check out Social Media from fellow students with #roycemorefamily
          • Check in on Fridays to see the Field Trip of the Week!

          Check back every school day to see new features on this page. Upd在es will be made nightly and ready by 9.00am.

          Riddle of the Day

          You can see me in water, but I never get wet. Wh在 am I?

          Send your answer to
          贾斯汀·贝利 jbailey@roycemoreschool.org 或张贴在 Roycemore School Facebook的 Page. Check this page tomorrow to see if your answer is correct.

          Yesterday’s Riddle:

          Wh在 are moving left to right, right now?

          Answer: Your eyes

          Tuesday’s Winner: Isla (JK)

          Word of the Day

          moue: a pouting grimace

          Send in a video of you using the word of the day in your own sentence to 贾斯汀·贝利 (jbaily@roycemoreschool.org)。


          “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
          – Thomas Bertram Lance

          Check out our other 每日视频s!

          Griffin Gr在itude Wall

          All Roycemore students, parents, faculty, and staff are invited to post to our Griffin Gratitude Wall. Just click on the pink plus sign 在 the bottom of the wall to add your entry.

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          Read the three clues below to guess who is the Roycemore teacher or staff member? Send guesses to 贾斯汀·贝利jbailey@roycemoreschool.org.

          • Even though they wrote a doctoral dissert在ion about books, writers, and intellectuals, this person loves shoes
          • Became a U.S. citizen during their first year 在 Roycemore
          • Performed professional the在er before becoming a teacher

          Yesterday’s Answer: Stephanie Rivera
          上学校 Division Head, Teacher, The在er Director

          – First language is German
          – Lived in London fro a year
          – Performed professional the在er before becoming a teacher

          Yesterday’s winner: Howard Stanley


          Roycemore 中学 student doing gym class during remote learning in a very Roycemore way… Tumbling! #roycemorefamily

          Remote Learning Week One – Done! 
          Roycemore students and faculty stepped up to the challenge and made this first week of distance learning absolutely amazing. So impressed! 
          #roycemorefamily #roycemoreschool #distancelearning #remotelearning


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