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          American recently paid RESPECTS to two incredible human beings whose funerals were on back-to-back days.  While Aretha Franklin and John McCain come from very different backgrounds and experiences, they both stood for some of the same values.  Franklin was known as The Queen- and the first woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  McCain was known as the Maverick- and a war hero.  They were individuals who fought for the oppressed and against injustice.  Franklin’s music and leadership united individuals during the Civil Rights Movement.  McCain’s commitment to the ideals of America united individuals across party lines to fight for what’s right.  Franklin died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.  McCain lost his life to brain cancer at the age of 81.

          我们还能通过这两个人的生活教给我们的年轻人?我相信一个字独特而强烈定义它们,并在富兰克林的情况下,我们凹槽她创造了以强调此值 - 方面的重要性音乐。

          它的澳门申博赌场的核心价值之一,另外一个是深深有意义给我。我相信这方面是我们必须与我们的孩子强调一个临界值。我们可以有很深的分歧,不同的世界观,不同的生活经历,但通过尊重我们的荣誉和赞赏这些差异,学会从对方十分。当我们的模型方面,我们也兑现了七个习惯高效的人之一,我们借鉴在roycemore-要先求理解,那么可以理解。尊重别人电梯向上,同时也提升自己。并在尊重最核心的,是爱 - 东西,数以百万计的世界各地的人们,因为他们观看或阅读关于这两个美国的传说的葬礼的感觉。让我们拥抱他们告诉我们,让我们拥抱爱 - 和尊重。


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